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Seminars, Workshops & Skill Development

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Seminars, workshops and conferences hold great importance of life of a student. They are platforms not only to learn new aspects, others perspectives and latest information, and also a good way of networking with industry experts


The primary objective of a seminar is to impart knowledge on a specific topic. Seminars are generally organized to raise awareness or share new research findings.

A seminar typically refers to a formal gathering where a subject matter expert delivers a presentation on a specific topic to an audience / Studenst . The focus of a seminar is primarily on delivering information, and it often features a lecture-style format. The audience / Students in a seminar are usually passive, primarily listening and taking notes, with some opportunities for asking questions or engaging in brief discussions.

Workshops & Skill Developments

workshops are designed with the intention of skills development. They aim to give the participants a practical understanding of a specific skill set, enabling them to implement what they’ve learned in their professional or personal lives.

On the other hand, workshops are more interactive and hands-on. Students involve a group of people and are designed to teach or develop a particular skill. In a workshop, the facilitator has a plan but also adapts according to the group’s progress. The participants are actively involved in practicing the skills being taught, and there is a heavy emphasis on group activities and participant interaction.

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 Seminar, workshop & Internship subjects 

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Seminar & Workshop Topic & Fees

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  Colleges MOU signed with us & workshops done   
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