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Hiva Bags & Hiva GPS Bags

Hiva Bags & Hiva GPS Bags

Hiva Bags:

The versatile and user-friendly design is equipped with 19 features perfect for Students community, Travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and working remotely. The designers of Hiva integrated the functions that make it adaptable to any and every situation & for everyone mainly with YKK zips and runners with 5 years warranty on zips and runners.


Hiva GPS Bags:

Hiva Bags are made with future technology with GPS and Remote control, needed for school kids / luggage / Laptop Bags and all.

GPS: The GPS enabled bags are the one which you can track where your kid is / where is your luggage / where is your laptop bag and more..... in our mobile app / desktop / laptop which you can download from Google play store / istore .

Remote Control: Avoid theft and unauthorized opening both in luggage and laptop bags you can lock and unlock with the next gen remote control.


HIVA School / college / Laptop Bags &  GPS Bags

HIVA Brand : Laptop Backpacks, Backpacks, School Bags, College Bags. kid's Bags and Travel bags 

We do manufacture per month 70,000+ no’s and our

HIVA products are manufactured under two mantra’s  

1.Reliability  2. Durability
We can manufacture for you with your Brand Name / Logo and our OEM’s Like 
Cognizant, Infosys, Renault Nissan, Pepsi …( more than 300 corporate), All State Govt of India & Central Govt are keep on placing orders to us because of just 6 reasons
1. Perfect Pricing, 2.In time delivery, 3.Quality , 4.Finish, 5.Durability, 6.Reliability

Quality & Comfort: 

Every single product of the HIVA brand,  is made with quality in mind.  Textured, Colourful, long life and polymer clothing makes it resistant to sweat, moisture, wear and tear. To ensure optimal and comfy fit each Bags comes with a choice of 4 variants made for rugged, light weight and breathable.​

HIVA Specialities

Hiva Bags are made to address the Premium segment with highest standards of Quality and workmanship. The versatile and user-friendly design is equipped with 19 features perfect for Students community, Travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and working remotely. The designers of Hiva integrated the functions that make it adaptable to any and every situation & for every one. 

Hiva's Feature's 

Bar Tack : A bar tack stitch is basically a tight zigzag that is repeated back and forth over itself to reinforce a piece that is  sewn together. It helps resist rips in the fabric and increase strength of the overall product. Whether you're using a bar tack for reinforcement purposes, decorative items, or just wondered what that stitching was for on your clothes and gear, the bar tack stitch is a flexible basic way of securing fabric in a functional way and giving items their unique stitched too. All Hiva Bags Models will have this feature to ensure the weight bearing capacity. Ventilation & Triangle stitching for more strength: 

Zips & Runners:

Hiva Bags with YKK Zips & Runners: Many manufacturers are now producing zips and runners  in multiple locations around the world. Maintaining stable and constant quality has become one of the key  concerns for many of the global manufacturers, and in order to over head on these companies,  Hiva Bags has only YKK , YKK has YFS - YKK Fastening Standards which is well known as highest standard  around the world. To provide products of the highest quality level, wherever and whenever are used,  each Hiva Bags comes with

YKK product/s which are undergone various quality tests and with high quality  level.  

First of its kind: The Detachable Laptop Sleeve:

A new and innovative idea, The Sleeve, helps you to keep your Laptop / Tablet safe inside Hiva Bag and also enables you to detach and carry them alone to your workplace / any where. suitable for all models, option to buy along with Hiva Bags. 

Rain / Dust Cover:

Rain / Dust Cover for backpacks for any medium and large size backpack. Specially reinforced PU coated Waterproof Material. Outer Covering Area: Maximum 82 cm x 60 cm [HxW] + 4 cm for grip in 4 sides. Elastic mechanism that holds the bag tight, No more dislodge in heavy wind for bikers. With elastic design, it is very convenient to adjust the size according to different backpacks.

Please Note: Rain / Dust Cover available on select models only


Hiva® products are warranted for 5 years to its original owner for manufacturing defects against producing Original Invoice and warranty card

 (A) within 7*days no question* asked replacement warranty,  (B) 5 years for zips & Runners (C) 1 year for against manufacturing defects in materials ( except fabric) and workmanship of the all Hiva product/s .

GPS fitted HIVA School / College Bags with KID Tracking System or Personal Tracking System



























Kid / Personal GPS tracker and KID / Girls / women, sales rep tracking device from HIVA Safe pro is one of the innovations for the future. Imagine being aware of your KID or your dear ones tracked by using our personal GPS tracker which is fitted inside the HIVA Bags.

Parenting crosses a wide range of challenges but ensuring KID safety is the toughest challenge when they are out of our site. As kids grow, they like to extend their boundaries and rely on their own rules there exist a problem which makes the parent worry about their KID. But we the HIVA Safe pro provide a solution to Super safety of kids by manufacturing kids HIVA GPS tracker to the market at affordable cost. Yes, HIVA Safe pro GPS tracker for kids will update the KID’s movements then and there.


Though this KID GPS tracker is very small which is fitted in the school bag and the GPS unit will looks like id card. This Personal GPS tracking device is reliable and could help you prevent a tragedy with the KID and old age people in your life. Gps tracking device for kids will give you more peace of mind knowing you are connected to those you love most. Be in the know all day and from anywhere with full time tracking and access this data from the website or with the mobile app. Track and monitor the movement of kids then and there by installing kids GPS tracker which you can download from Google play store, KID tracking device is completely wireless and battery backup last for 4 to 5 days which is rechargeable like your phone. By using our kids GPS tracker you will get two way of communication via SMS and call alert to your registered mobile number.

HIVA Safe pro offers you a real-time location tracking option with KID GPS tracker for both Android and ios mobiles also on web

Hiva bags comes with Wether Proof / Water resistant

Hiva Models

 With GPS & without GPS: Laptop Bags / School - College - Kid's Bags / Travel Bags    


Buy Ares ( GPS & Non GPS)


Buy Athena ( Gps & Non Gps Bag)


Buy Ceres ( Gps & Non Gps Bags)


Buy Hera: Gps Non Gps Bags

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